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The annual list of the 100 most influential people was published by TIME magazine and among them is the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, in the Titans category.

Cook has been on the list several times before, most recently last year. In 2022 he was in the "Titans" category and other categories include "Artists," "Innovators," "Leaders," "Icons," and "Pioneers."

Tim Cook's profile on the list was curated by Laurene Powell Jobs, who celebrated Cook's tenure as Apple CEO and the "compassion and discipline" he shows as head of the company.

"Apple is Tim Cook's life's work, and in that work, Tim has shown mastery. Tim has demonstrated more breadth in his leadership of one of the world's largest companies than any modern CEO. Given that Apple's products and policies affect the very character of modern life, Tim's work requires not only business wisdom but philosophical wisdom as well. The intense pressure of defining and making Apple's progress with great precision and taking responsibility for the company's impact on society is almost unimaginable. Yet Tim does it with compassion and discipline, turning to nature to replenish his spirit. In the summer, he can be found hiking in our national parks, in awe of the majesty of the mountains.

After more than a decade at the helm, Tim has established himself not only as one of the world's most admired CEOs, but as an example of ethical leadership, technological imagination, environmental stewardship and humanitarianism. To paraphrase a famous speech by Theodore Roosevelt: "Tim fights bravely, dares greatly and spends himself in a great cause."

Other notable people on the TIME 100 list for 2022 include Simu Liu, Zoë Kravitz, Michelle Yeoh, Zendaya, Amanda Seyfried, Oprah Winfrey, Mary J. Blige and Quinta Brunson.

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