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The Managing Director of Tesla, Elon Musk, leaves no room for its employees and demands a return to the office full-time or resignation.

At least that's the claim of the company's fanatical supporter Sam Nissim, who leaked an email from Musk via Twitter entitled "Working remotely is no longer acceptable". The email was sent to Tesla's executive employees, who from now on will have to work from the office at least 40 hours a week. Remote work can take place outside of these hours. In fact, the text goes on to emphasize that this is the minimum required by the factory's "ExecStaff" and exceptions will only be made for those who give their best, subject to verification of the reason.

Surprisingly, despite the pandemic times where remote working is encouraged or made mandatory, when Whole Mars Catalog asked Musk on Twitter what he thought of those who consider the 40-hour work week an outdated model, he replied that "They should be working somewhere else."

One also understands that this view comes at a time when covid-19 is strongly present and most people are afraid to return fully to the workplace. Typical is the CNBC poll in which 64% of employees surveyed said they would very seriously consider quitting their jobs if someone forced them to return to the office in a full-time format. Morning Consult also revealed that 3 in 5 in the technology sector were not interested in returning to work. All of this of course finds managers unimpressed who in turn, at 66%, are asking the workforce to return for good on a full-time basis, according to Robert Half Talent's 2022 survey. By 2021, 71% of employees have declined as far as their physical presence at work is concerned.

The paradox is that valid research shows that productivity increases when working from home. Great Place to Work found, comparing six months in 2019 and 2020, that orders increased when working remotely. But Prodoscore came to the same conclusion when it found a 47% increase in productivity in March and April 2020 compared to March and April 2019.

Although forcing his employees to return to work full-time seems absurd in the times we live in, Ellon Musk seems to be in the news with other moves, such as buying Twitter, which got him in trouble with America's government agency SEC, whose goal is to protect investments and provide security to the markets.

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