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The well-known American provider was found confronted with a class action lawsuit over last year's big data leak with both sides eventually reaching a settlement and T-Mobile agreeing to spend $500 million.

Because of the massive leak, the personal data of nearly 76.6 million residents of the United States of America were exposed. Among the leaked data were social security numbers, names, addresses and driver's license information of T-Mobile customers.

Of the $500 million, $350 million will be shared by the company's affected customers responding to the class action settlement and the lawyers who took the case.

The amount that each client affected by the leak will therefore receive depends on both the number of people who meet the requirements of the settlement and the lawyers. According to court documents, there do not appear to be separate terms for individuals who were affected differently because of the breach (hack).

This means that even if not all of the aforementioned personal data of a T-Mobile subscriber was leaked, he or she will receive the same compensation as a user who was more affected by the breach (e.g. more personal data was leaked). The remaining $$150 million from the settlement (as we mentioned the company agreed to spend $$500 million) will be allocated for security improvements across the company's network from today through 2023. T-Mobile is expected to notify affected subscribers about the settlement and the amount of compensation soon.

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