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You're reading this post because you're having trouble bringing online sales via Instagram. And it makes sense. Almost all businesses are leveraging social media as a whole to increase their customer base and/or sales, either with organic posts or paid posts (social media ads).

Although Instagram is one of the most widely used social media platforms - and therefore a great channel for social media - it is a great way to digital marketing- is still a "well" of information.

No matter what you throw in, it never fills up. It's all about using its power to your advantage. Make it work for you, not you for it.

But how can you differentiate yourself from the competition and gain the trust of your users -potential customers- by increasing your online sales through instagram?

Follow these 10 tips religiously!

1. Instagram Profile Optimization

Let's start with the basics. A complete and well-established instagram profile inspires confidence and shows professionalism. Make sure you have the following defined:

  1. Username (your business name if available e.g.
  2. Profile photo (usually the logo).
  3. Name (2-3 words describing your business e.g. Organic Products).
  4. Business category
  5. Instagram Bio (short description of your business using a hashtag that best represents it - up to 150 characters).
  6. Company address (especially if your business is local).
  7. Link to website (if you don't have, register domain, choose hosting and start today).
  8. Phone & email (appear if someone presses the "Contact" button).
  9. Highlights: these are stories that you post permanently on your instagram profile, and even by category.

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2. Use of high quality images

Instagram is a visual platform. Therefore, it is essential to post high-quality images (or creative) if you want to increase your sales.

Ideally, use original images rather than stock images. They should be creative and eye-catching, properly highlighting the products or services you want to promote. 

Make sure every image you post on Instagram matches the overall aesthetic of your brand. For example, if your website design is sleek and minimalist, it's a good idea to do the same for your Instagram profile.

Choose a certain aesthetic and maintain it. Don't forget that the first experience potential customers may have with your business is through Instagram, so you understand that it needs to be exceptional.

3. Invest in real Instagram followers

Surely it has crossed your mind to buy followers. Don't. Since your goal is to increase sales via Instagramyour followers have to be real.

A purchased follower will not know who you are, what you do or why they would buy something from you. How to get real followers on your instagram profile? With patience and consistency is the short answer. In detail:

  • Think ahead what you will publish over a period of one month.
  • Take time to create it (images, design, copywriting).
  • Schedule automatic publication at the appropriate day and time through Meta Business Suite (formerly Facebook Business Suite).
  • Like, comment and interact with posts shared by people who belong to your target audience.
  • Don't follow someone in the hope that they will follow you and then take it back. Follow accounts that you really like their content.
  • Except for posts promoting your products/services, created content that gives value to users.
  • Publish content in any format: image, video, story, reels.

4. Use the right Hashtags

To attract customers and boost your sales even more, take advantage of hashtags about your services or products.

When you use the right combination of hashtags, it's easier for your target consumers to discover you. It's a seemingly simple method that can significantly increase your brand awareness.

To find the right combination of effective hashtags, you need to invest time in extensive research. Experiment with different combinations to see which one works best for you, thus defining the hashtag strategy yourself.

5. Invest in Instagram advertising

Η advertising on Instagram can help you reach new and - in any case - targeted audiences that you could hardly reach otherwise. It's a necessary investment, especially if you've recently created your profile.

Design your Instagram ads by targeting customers who are most likely to be interested in your products/services.

A successful Instagram advertising strategy can be a catalyst for your business, especially if you are seeking to sales increase in the eshop yourself.

Don't forget that in a paid post, you can put a direct link to a specific web page of your website, increasing the likelihood of a user making a purchase of a product or service.

6. Present your products smartly

Images of your products - which certainly need to be of high quality - may grab the attention of Instagram users, but they may not be enough to increase sales on their own. What do we mean?

For your content to have a real impact on Instagram, showcase the experience someone will have using one of your products. That is, use photos or even better, videos (learn more about video marketing) that will show the products in action.

For example, if you sell clothes, you can show people wearing them in different environments and circumstances, with an emphasis on the experience of wearing them.

For example, promote a winter jacket by showing a person wearing it happily and comfortably in a snowy environment.

7. Work with Instagram Influencers

We all like to buy, none of us like to be sold something overtly. How does this relate to influencers?

Instagram Influencers already have an established, engaged and usually specific audience. Their followers are directly influenced by recommendations and shopping tips they make on their profiles.

The point is that they introduce a product in an artful way in the content they create, without implying a direct sale. It should therefore come as no surprise that more and more brands are turning to influencer marketing to promote their products.

Tip: The micro influencers (with an audience that usually does not exceed 10,000 followers) is a fairly affordable option. You could ask for an honest video review of one of your products in exchange for the product itself.

8. Leverage Instagram Word of Mouth

This is the content created by your customers about your products. Located in word of mouth marketing, is an extremely valuable alternative form of advertising. 

In essence, your customers act as micro influencers in their personal circle, building trust in your products and spreading your brand name.

However, some customers may not easily share photos or videos of your products. Give them an incentive. For example, a chance to win something if they post photos/videos with the product and your hashtag or username.

9. Giveaways & Contests on Instagram

Offering discounts or gifts is one of the most effective and efficient ways to increase your sales on Instagram.

Through giveaways and contests -which usually require someone to like, comment and tag a friend- you also increase the visibility of your products or services, as customers share the offer with their friends. As a direct result, the engagement (loyalty) of your followers also increases.

Tip: Don't forget to reward your loyal customers! You can offer them attractive offers, or enroll them in a loyalty program (you will definitely have a points card in every supermarket you shop 😉).

10. Humour always wins

Humour is very appealing to the audience. To increase your Instagram sales, try to discover witty puns and humor - always related to your products - and make humorous Instagram posts.

The goal is to create pleasant feelings in your audience in relation to your brand. The perception created in your audience directly affects sales!

Conclusions for increasing Sales via Instagram

Instagram is projected to surpass 1.1 billion users worldwide by 2023. It's a great way to promote your products or services, increasing sales and brand awareness.

Don't forget that Instagram is where people turn their passion into purchases!

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