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According to an official Communication Canonical, Dell's XPS 13 Developer Edition is the first laptop to be certified for the Ubuntu 22.04 LTS version of Linux.

This means that from August, when it goes on sale, those who want it will be able to get it with the latest version of the Ubuntu distribution pre-installed. Users who already have the Dell XPS 13 Plus with Windows 11 can also download and install Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and will have the same hardware-optimized experience.

The Ubuntu certification means that all components and hardware of the computer will "work as expected" while the LTS (Long-Term Support) "suffix" means that it will be supported for at least 10 years with Base Package maintenance and security updates. The computer also includes software and drivers different from Canonical's standard distribution where needed and installed in the optimal configuration.


Ubuntu 22.04 also includes a new version of the Gnome 42 desktop environment, which offers enhanced performance with triple-buffering and improved power management settings. It also includes new desktop layouts, supports new touchpad gestures and several personalization options including a cross-desktop dark style.

Dell has been offering XPS 13 laptops with Linux for several years now. The tradition began with the "Project Sputnik" laptop, which was also based on Ubuntu distribution and was primarily aimed at developers. The current XPS 13 Plus features a beautiful look with touch keys in place of the function bar and can be configured with a 12th generation Intel Core processor up to the Intel Core i7-1280P model (14 total cores, 8 efficient and 6 performance, 28MB smart cache and operating frequency up to 4.8GHz). Dell's XPS 13 Developer Edition will be released in August with a price starting at $1,289. 

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