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Slack, the popular communication app aimed at companies, is increasing its prices, while also making big changes to its free package. 

This is the first price increase of the service since its launch in 2014, and only affects users of the "Pro" package. So as of September 1, monthly Pro subscriptions will increase from $8 to $8.75 per user per month, while in the case of an annual subscription, the cost goes up from $6.67 to $7.25 per user, again per month.

The price increases will only affect those who have purchased the Pro plan globally and not companies with a Business Plus subscription or any of Slack's custom business plans. The company does, however, offer a way to avoid the price hikes for another year. Those who already have an annual Pro subscription can "lock in" the existing annual price for another year by renewing their subscription before September 1. Subscribers on the Pro plan can also take advantage of the annual price before September 1 and keep the existing price of $6.67 per user per month for a period of one year.


Slack is also making big changes to its successful free plan. Currently, Slack's servers show users who don't pay a subscription fee the last 10,000 messages from their group and up to 5GB of storage space of files uploaded to the service. As of September 1, Slack is changing its policy by displaying messages and uploads from the last 90 days, with no limit on the number of messages sent or the volume of content uploaded. "The majority of our active free groups will have access to more of their message history with the new 90-day limit compared to the previous limit," Slack explained in a post on his official blog. "No matter how much your team uses Slack, you'll always have access to 90 days of history," the company adds.

And these aren't the only benefits for free Slack users as they will also get additional access to the Clips feature that allows users to send audio, video and screen sharing messages to channels and DMs.   

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