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Sony is finally ready to share the first details of what the PlayStation VR2 experience will look like in terms of software following the release of the hardware.

The company went on to publish a analytical article in which he talks about some of the key features that will be offered by the virtual reality system he's working on for PlayStation 5.

One of these is livestreaming, where if you have a PS5 HD Camera, you can stream both the game and a picture of yourself to popular gaming services. Expectedly the feature could be quite useful for Twitch streamers, YouTubers and others who want to share their gameplay from the PSVR2 without relying on special hardware and green screens.


In the same article the company explains how PSVR2 will handle non-VR content. The system will offer a 1080p resolution "Cinematic Mode" that will display the PS5 interface and conventional games on a virtual screen with refresh rates between 24Hz and 120Hz. This is a very familiar experience to those who have experience with other virtual reality systems, and prefer not to remove their VR helmet to make changes to the system's settings. Native VR content will be displayed at a resolution of 4,000 x 2040 with a refresh rate of 90Hz or 120Hz.

 Other features of PSVR2 are aimed at preventing accidents. For example, the "see-through" function allows you to quickly peek around the room to avoid a collision or find your controls. You can also set a custom play area that will warn you if you're too close to the couch or TV. And this feature, however, is not a new idea, but could prove vital for apartment dwellers and anyone else with limited space for full VR experiences.

 15759785_CleanShot2022-07-27at13_12.41@2x.jpg.caa1fa4e2d86bd3ab361467e16f4ffd5.jpgOf course, there's still a lot to learn about PSVR2 with Sony promising that developers will have access to the new features "soon". In fact, the company says that it will soon go public with the release date and the games that will accompany the system at launch. However, based on Sony's previous announcement, we know that PSVR2 will definitely be available during the Christmas holiday season.

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