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On Wednesday 13 July, the first "Open Digital School for All" was inaugurated in Korydallos. The operation of the "Open Digital School for All" ensures equal participation for all in the new digital era, providing free computer skills courses that facilitate everyday life and at the same time provide skills for professional development and social mobility.

HP embraced this initiative from the very first moment and donated all the school's equipment such as 10 computers and 1 printer and decorated the walls with wallpapers, which were created by state-of-the-art 3D Printers.

The Managing Director, Mr. Nikos Christakis stressed: "It is our great pleasure to contribute to the creation of such centres. For us, education is considered one of the most important human rights with technology making a significant contribution to its promotion and development. We are constantly investing in the communities we operate in so that everyone has access to quality learning, promoting entry into professional life and economic opportunities to be able to compete in today's market."

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