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With the central message "Your old device wipes out the trash", COSMOTE and GERMANOS stores encourage consumers to recycle small portable technology devices that they do not use, contributing to the protection of the environment. Through this action, COSMOTE and GERMANOS support the non-profit civil society "Enalia" and the Mediterranean Cleanup program, for the cleanup of seas and coasts in 4 Greek islands for 2022. Also, through this action, which is expected to continue in the coming years in other islands, the information and awareness of students on plastic pollution issues is supported. The goal for the three-year period 2022-2024 is to collect more than 400,000 devices, while for 2022 alone, more than 100,000 devices are expected to be collected.

, The appliance recycling program at COSMOTE and GERMANOS stores contributes to clean seas and coasts

"At OTE Group, sustainable growth is at the heart of our strategy. COSMOTE and GERMANOS stores actively contribute to this strategy with important actions, such as recycling. With the participation of consumers, for the 10 years that the OTE Group Recycling Program has been implemented, more than 130 tons of mobile devices with their accessories have been recycled in our stores. And we continue. This year, we are again joining forces with consumers and with "Enolaia" in a common goal: to help raise awareness by reducing plastic pollution in the seas. We invite everyone to recycle their old device and together we can create a more sustainable world, better for all", said Kostas Vouzas, Director BU Retail OTE Group.

At the recycling bins, located in more than 370 COSMOTE and GERMANOS stores throughout Greece, everyone can bring for recycling old Smartphones, mobile phones, landlines (wired and wireless), Tablets, as well as accessories such as chargers, Powerbanks and wearables.

The country's largest retail technology network contributes to protecting the environment and addressing the climate crisis by adopting an environmentally responsible way of operating. In order to increase their positive environmental footprint, COSMOTE and GERMANOS stores are designed with eco-friendly materials, have reduced their paper usage and intensified their appliance recycling activities, following the principles of circular economy, which is a priority in OTE Group's sustainable development actions for the environment. It is worth noting that in 2021 alone, around 119,000 mobile devices were recycled.

, The appliance recycling program at COSMOTE and GERMANOS stores contributes to clean seas and coasts

COSMOTE and GERMANOS support the "Mediterranean Cleanup" action of "Enolaia"
The civil non-profit company "Enalia" has the vision of creating a sustainable marine ecosystem. COSMOTE and GERMANOS support the Mediterranean Cleanup, which aims to clean up the Mediterranean Sea from marine plastics. By collecting more than 100,000 devices in COSMOTE and GERMANOS stores, the goal will have been reached by 2022, "cleaning" from litter the seas and beaches of 4 Greek islands: Corfu, Kefalonia, Skiathos and Agios Nikolaos, Crete.

This action contributes to the practical promotion of the principles of the circular economy, both through the cleaning and management of marine litter. Specifically, of the material collected, 100% will be responsibly managed and recycled by certified partners of "Enalie", while a significant percentage will be transformed into new recycled products. The action is planned to be extended in the coming years to other islands, with new actions to raise awareness among citizens.

, The appliance recycling program at COSMOTE and GERMANOS stores contributes to clean seas and coasts

Participation in Deutsche Telekom Group's European strategy for environmental protection
Through the Appliance Recycling Program, OTE Group stores are participating in Deutsche Telekom Group's European strategy on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.For the first time, the 10 European countries of Deutsche Telekom are joining forces in a joint initiative for "a sustainable tomorrow", with the aim of collecting 1 million appliances by 2024.

The recycling program of COSMOTE and GERMANOS stores is part of a series of environmental actions by OTE Group, in the context of sustainable development, aimed at the general public. Actions aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of store operations.

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