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You've probably heard the term UX design and wondered what it means. UX design comes from the words user experience design. It mainly refers to the design of a website, an application, an online store or various types of software based on the user experience. An example of UX Design, for example, is how practical your e-shop payment system is for your customers. UX Design, therefore, is an essential tool for web construction.

As Don Norman, the first person to hold the title of UX designer, originally took over web design for Apple in the 1990s: "UX design covers all aspects that have to do with a customer's experience with a system. These experiences are related to graphics, interface, physical contact with the product and user guides."

How UX design works

The most important goal of UX design is customer/user satisfaction through data collection. Thus, UX design uses data regarding the user's level of satisfaction and creates a modified environment tailored to their needs. 

Data collection and modification of the user environment, on the basis of which, it is done: 

  • or automatically with AI,
  • or by using software (e.g. chatbots asking for feedback from the user),
  • or "traditionally", asking the customer if they were satisfied with their experience and making the necessary changes. 

The characteristics of the 

In any case, basically features of UX Design are the following:

  1. Experience strategy: It's an approach that focuses on the needs of your business and your customers. Besides, it is important that the strategy you follow is user friendly.
  2. interaction design: With the right interaction design you can improve the ways users interact with your business. You can do this by using special animations and ready-made messages, helping your customers interact with you more directly.
  3. user research: Here is the research you need to do to get the necessary information about your customers' preferences. This can be done through online polls or surveys that you ask your audience. From their answers, which will be both qualitative and quantitative, you will get the right information to implement the best UX design.
  4. information architecture: In short, with this process you are implementing practices that organize the information you receive so that it is immediately accessible to your customers. A prime example is the "direct" language you should use to communicate more easily with your audience.

A short recap

UX design includes all those processes by which your customers:

  • They can discover your products and services
  • Interact with the interface through a series of actions
  • Gain specific impressions about the quality of service you offer

Top trends in UX for 2022

UX design trends 2022

The standards of UX design evolve over the years and new trends in UX design are constantly being created. web construction. Below you will read the top UX trends for 2022.

1. Increased Personalization

To fully understand this term, consider a service like Netflix. If you have a Netflix subscription, you'll have noticed that it sends you recommendations based on the movies and shows you've watched. This way, you don't have to search for these options yourself and it makes your experience with the platform easier.

2. Use of AR, VR and XR techniques

These techniques have to do with augmented reality (AR-Augmented Reality, XR-Extended Reality) and virtual reality (VR-Virtual Reality) techniques. It is worth knowing that such techniques have so far been used in eCommerce environments for clothing, where users could try on clothes remotely.

3. Data visualization

With data visualization techniques you will be able to show the consumer various data that they are interested in, in order to make their experience of interacting with your product unsurpassed.

4. 3D Design and Animation

The techniques 3D visualisation and animation are now essential for UX design. Thus, your customer will have a unique experience when interacting with your brand.

5. Micro-interactions

Micro-interactions are all about interacting with your audience, especially on social media (comments, likes, shares). But you can also create more direct ways of interacting with your audience, such as online polls.

6. Minimalist style, but with your own style

This new trend, a web designer's trademark, is to have a more minimalist style on your pages and social media. However, you should always have your own style, which will make the user connect with you more easily. It's good to keep this in mind when designing websites.

7. Increased cursors

A new style worth looking at is the raised cursors. It is one of the trendiest innovations of recent years. These cursors are able to intrigue the audience and make them spend time with you.

How does UX design differ from UI design?

What is UI design

In the previous paragraph you read what UX design means. There is another term, the UI design which comes from the word user interface. UI in general includes anything that a user can interact with to use a digital product or service. This interaction can be through a screen, touchscreen, keyboard, sound and light. 

The difference from UX design

At a first reading you can say that the UX includes all the ways in which a user can interact with your product or services and what they gain as an experience. The UI is all the objects and technology that helps a user interact with your product and services.

To fully understand this and separate User Experience from User Interface, see the example below. Let's say you have a website with new football teams. You may have realized the best UI design and it is very easy and fast for the user to find his team. But there is a chance that you don't have some less popular teams in your databases. So, users searching for those groups will not be satisfied with the UX design.

UX design is essential nowadays for promoting your brand name and for the best possible user experience. If you haven't yet built a website for your business, you can easily get yours with the help of of a modern website builder.

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