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After some time, Prime Video, amazon's video streaming service, is getting a new interface in a move that many felt was necessary.

The update will start rolling out to various devices on which the app has a presence, such as Amazon's Fire TV series and many TVs, with Amazon leaving a vague promise for "summer" on the question of when everyone will be able to access it. The company even released a short video in which it goes over the changes it has made.

The content is still arranged in horizontal rows of large, rectangular images that promote each show or movie, but the way you access it all has changed somewhat. There are now six main tabs, each of which is accessed via a new menu in the sidebar rather than arranged horizontally along the top of the screen as before. These are Home, Store, Find, Live TV, Free With Ads and My Stuff. Content provided for free with your Prime Video subscription is highlighted with a blue checkmark, while anything you'd have to rent or buy now has a shopping bag icon.

The "Home" screen has easy access to other subscriptions, as well as a new "Continue Watching" row that shows not only what you watched, but how far you got before you stopped last time. A new "Top 10" section shows what's been popular lately on the service. Importantly, in addition to all of this, there's a new "Sports" submenu that gives access to all the live broadcasts offered by Prime Video itself and your various additional subscriptions within Prime. Given that Amazon owns the rights to broadcast Champions League games in certain countries as well as NFL games, this will be an important page as it makes it clear that the company is looking to expand into live sports broadcasting.

In general, the new interface is sleeker and cleaner, though the tiles are very large, and the update still seems to heavily promote Amazon's original programs over anything else. 

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